Framed Art for Auction

Hi Crafty Friends,

I would like to invite you today to take a look at my framed art that I’m auctioning off.

Why? I would like to help out a very sweet friend who has a huge veterinarian bill to pay and is very much struggling to pay it. She is a very kind crafty friend and now seeing her having to sell her craft supplies just hurts me. I am so hopeful that with your help, we can ease her struggle.

Each item will fit in a standard USPS box, which comes with insurance and a tracking number, please add $12.85 to the total for US shipment. International shipments depend on final destination, I’m happy to calculate the shipping costs.

Each item starts at $20 and the auction will end on September 7th, midnight PST. Please leave your message below with the item# and your US dollar value.

I truly appreciate your support and hope to raise enough money so she can keep her markers, cutters and all.

Hugs and love, Rita

Item# 1 is Hello Charlotte Clock, click link for full details: HELLO CHARLOTTE


Item# 2 is Fairy and Little Butterfly in Whimsical Garden, click link for full details: FAIRY AND LITTLE BUTTERFLY IN WHIMSICAL GARDEN


Item# 3 is Fairy in Daffodil Field, click link for full details: FAIRY IN DAFFODIL FIELD


Item# 4 is Little Fairy in Hidden Forest, click link for full details: LITTLE FAIRY IN HIDDEN FOREST


Item# 5 is Bedtime Story, click link for full details: BEDTIME STORY



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